Village Green

image of village greenThe Green is the jewel in the village’s crown, However, It is a Village Green and not Common Land. Whilst Village Greens are governed under the Commons Act there are differences. On Common land  any-one usually has the right to roam on it. On a Village Green there is no right to roam however, it is only residents which have the ‘right’ to use the Village Green

Since the early 1970s, when the village gained management rights, the Green has developed and been carefully maintained for the benefit of residents and visitors alike. Many enjoy strolling through the open spaces, or feeding the ducks at the ponds by the southern entrance to the village.

For the more energetic, it boasts a cricket green, football pitches (for adult and junior clubs) two tennis courts, a BMX track and a fenced playground area. To the east of the Green is a large allotment area, again giving pleasure (and hopefully plenty of produce) to many.

image of village green
Village Green Byelaws - download
Village Green Map - download

Village Green Management Plan- download

Map of Paths and Tracks- download

Revised Wildlife Area- download


Village Green Volunteers
Can you spare a few hours occasionally doing something positive for our village? Although contractors do a lot of work on maintenance of Sherfield Village Green, volunteers can still play a useful role.

We aim to meet up as and when required and would welcome new recruits!! If you can, do come along on and join us 


ARC Natural England  Organisational Licence 2016-2020-Cllr Darker
ARC Natural England Mrs P Darker
ARC Natural England Cllr J Darker
Natural England Licence



Ecologist Report

Sherfield Green Survey 2017

Hants and IOW Wildlife Trust Report



Notice of Intenet

Plans- Middle Green

Plans- North

BDBC Report- June 2019

Notice of Intent submitted July 2019
Approval of Notice of Intent July 2019

Notice of Intent submitted September 2019
Map and Works
Additional Application

Revised Map
Approval 1
Approval 2



Childrens Tree Trail
The Parish Council has  composed a Children’s Tree Trail, a Fauna Trail and a Butterfly Trail as an introduction to some of the trees and wildlife found in different areas of the Green.  You are invited to follow the map and identify Trees and Wlidlife.  A winter and summer picture are included for each item

Children's Tree Trail Map- download

Childrens's Fauna Trail Map - download

Children's Butterfly Trail Map - download