The structure of the Parish Council was changed at the Full Council meeting in May 2017.  A decision was made to disband the Planning, Finance & General Purpose and Burial Ground Committees and include matters relating to these areas within the Full Council meetings.

Village Green and Leisure Facilities Committee
Chairman - Cllr John Attwood

Meetings normally held on the 4th Tuesday of every second month as required.
The terms of reference for this committee can be found here.

Prior to July 2016 this committee was known as the Leisure Facilities Committee
It was agreed that this committee would be amalgamated into the Full Council Meetings

Neighbourhood Plan Working Party (a Working Party reporting to Full Council)
Meetings to be convened as and when required.
To manage the detailed work and consultation and to act as an interface between the Parish Council and the Neighbourhood Plan Forum.

Terms of reference.
Please note that this Working Party was formerly a Sub-Committee of the Planning Committee.  A resolution was passed at the Planning Committee meeting on 11th March 2015 to change the name and structure to a working party.
Burial Ground Working Party
This working party has been set up to work on matters linked to the development of the new burial ground.

Councillors' Areas of Particular Responsibility
Allotments:  Cllr John Attwood
BDAPTC:  Cllr Andy Morgan/Cllr Diana Effiong
Chineham Incinerator Group: Cllr Bruce Batting/Cllr John Attwood
Community Safety Partnership & Speedwatch: Vacancy
Country Watch: Cllr Bruce Batting
Emergency Plan:  Cllr Bruce Batting
Footpaths: Cllr Diana Effiong
Highway Safety Group: Cllr Bruce Batting
Neighbourhood Plan: Cllr John Darker
Parish Lengthsman Co-ordinator:  Cllr Bruce Batting
Transport: Cllr Diana Effiong
Village Hall Mgt Committee: Cllr Bruce Batting