Planning Applications

The laws governing planning are complex and planning consent is required before most forms of development can be legally undertaken. For information on a wealth of planning related matters visit  You can also search Basingstoke and Deane's planning applications register to view specific documents and plans. Alternatively you can visit Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council at the Civic Offices, London Road, Basingstoke, RG21 4AH or contact them by phone on 01256 844844.

The Local Plan and Sherfield on Loddon Neighbourhood plan can be found on the Basinstoke and Deane Borough Council website

The Parish Council is a statutory consultee on planning applications and is normally given 21 days to comment by the Planning Authority of Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council.

There is no obligation on the part of the Parish Council to attend an applicant’s property when considering an application.

Residents are welcome to attend the Parish Council meetings where applications will be considered.  Anyone wishing to comment on a Planning Application will be given an opportunity to speak at the appropriate time during the meeting. If possible, it is helpful to let the Clerk know of your intention to attend either by phone 01256 842662 or by email - If this is not possible and you would still like to make the Parish Council aware of any specific issues with a particular application, then comments can be submitted to the Clerk prior to the meeting for consideration at the meeting. Any comments received after the application has been discussed cannot be taken into account. Please note that any correspondence  received by the Clerk, unless stipulated private and confidential, will be disseminated to all serving  Parish Councillors and the contents, including the author's name, may be discussed openly in a public meeting.

The Parish Council cannot usually revisit an application once an application has been discussed and a resolution made, unless there has there is a material change within the application.

When reviewing applications the Parish Council can only consider planning issues. These can include:
• consistency with the development plan for the area
• traffic and highway safety issues
• overlooking, loss of privacy and loss of light
• scale of the development
• design, appearance, layout and material
• noise, disturbance or smells
• local knowledge of drainage or other possible problems with the surface
• impact on the surroundings

Issues that are not relevant include:
• effect on the value of property
• loss of view over other peoples land
• possible future development not included in the application
• private property rights such as boundary or access disputes
• matters covered by other laws
• the morals or motives of the developer

Planning Applications - From April 2020

Notification of proposed change of use from agricultural building to 4 no. Class C3 dwellinghouses
Land At OS Ref 467658 155782 Moulshay Farm Wildmoor Lane Sherfield-on-Loddon Hampshire
SOL PC Repsonse:
The Parish Council does have concerns with regard to this application and is of the opinion that this Barn is not suitable for this type of conversion. There is only 1 Allocated visitor spaces for 4 properties. Due to the location of the proposed development a vehicle will be required to
access the property. Therefore 1 visitor space is not sufficient for the number of properties in this development. It would appear from  the Block
plan there is no other available parking for additional  vehicles as the properties are surrounded by access roads, post and rail
fences and a turning space. Additional parking spaces should be provided.

Form 1 No. Temporary Access 
Land At Redlands Reading Road Sherfield-on-Loddon Hampshire

SOL PC response :Sherfield on Loddon wishes to strongly object to the above application. The proposed access  to the site is near the brow of the hill on the A33 and is therefore not acceptable and is extremely dangerous. The Parish Council can see no reason other than financial  why the permanent access cannot be built from the outset in its approved position off the Taylor's Farm roundabout.  There is also a concern that plans will be submitted at a later date for this to become the permanent access which would be much  cheaper. There has also been many severe accidents in this vicinity and there is the possibility of large HGV's crossing the centre of the road when turning left out of the site. This section of the A33 being as it is on the brow of a hill is already a dangerous part of the road and these HGV's will be slowing down as they approach the brow to turn into the site and there will be some motorists who will think that they can overtake at this point and consequently cross the centre median into the path of oncoming traffic.It is also worth noting that despite recently submitting a planning application, the Developer has already some weeks ago removed the hedgerow in anticipation of approval. This is not acceptable and developers must be made aware by Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council that any work undertaken  prior to an application  being submitted in a fait accompli manner is not acceptable The Parish Council would like to see this Hedgerow reinstated as a matter of urgency.

Erection of replacement conservatory, conversion of loft to include access, 3 no. conservation skylights and flat roof skylight, removal of internal walls, installation of new double doors to replace existing single door and window to kitchen. Raising of flat roof to utility room 
Garden Court Reading Road Church End Sherfield-On-Loddon RG27 0JB

SOL PC response : No Objection

Erection of single storey front and rear extensions
6 Poplar Close Sherfield-on-Loddon Hook Hampshire RG27 0DX

SOL PC response : No Objection

Erection of a two storey side extension 
2 Cornwall Cottages Greenway Sherfield-on-Loddon Hook Hampshire RG27 0EE
SOL PC response : No Objection

Erection of 1 no. 3 bed dwelling and detached garage Amended plans 
Riverside House Wildmoor Lane Sherfield-On-Loddon RG27 0HE

SOL PC response :
Having considered the amneded plans the Parish Council feels that the amended plans has not addressed any of it's concerns and therefore the objection to this application is still valid.